13 Walla Vista

Stinson Beach


$5,300,000 SOLD


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Disrupt your busy life. Leave tension behind. Glide over the hills. Find the village of Stinson Beach and a once in a generation opportunity to own a piece of California cool—right on the beach!

Nurture Value. Feel the Stinson Beach magic. Timeless. Eternal. One of only a dusting of properties standing right on Stinson Beach. About 110 are inside the Seadrift Community and only about 40 are outside the gates. Maybe three houses right on the beach sell per year. There won’t be more built—Stinson Beach is surrounded by 182,000 acres of federal and state parkland. There will never be further development. Don’t say a word. Don’t pass this on. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Center of a Crescent Bay. Embrace magnificence. This is a one-of-a-kind location. A place so fantastic that you won’t even realize how special it is until you have owned the property for years. It is the very last lot before the gated Seadrift Community. The last chunk of free territory before the planned development. Plant your own flag.

Right on the Beach. Hear the song of the ocean—the complex arrangement of rolling surf, seabird calls, squeals of children, and sea lion barks. Can it be more clear? This is your very own beach. Experience the grace offered by the waves and the wind. Live in beach elegance. Play in the sand. Fall in love with the ocean. Be breathless.

45 Minutes from San Francisco. Grab your keys. Power up your Tesla. Glide across the Golden Gate Bridge. Pass through the old growth redwood rain forest. Just 45 minutes from city to sand—to be safely home. At your beach compound, unplug to leave the grid or connect to share your beach experience. You’re close enough to strike (make a late morning meeting in the City after an early surf), but far enough to forget all else.

The Mountains are as Nice as the Water. Above your beach house are the electric green-yellow hills. The sun will rise through and above 2,000 year old old growth redwoods lining the ridge tomorrow morning. Your bedroom and living room will be bathed with golden light. From the native Coastal Miwoks to famed Beat poet Gary Snyder, those who know know this is a special place. A magical world. Maybe tomorrow afternoon you will hike through the rain forest—climb rope ladders and discover secret springs within the mountain mist.

Not Behind the Gates. You want to be involved with life. You don’t want to be behind gates in a planned community. But, you want the very best spot and you want privacy. (Here you will share a road and a security gate with only three other properties.) This is it—the last piece of land before the Seadrift Community begins its reach toward Bolinas. With this home, you get your cake and can eat it too. Freedom and security.

Indoor/Outdoor Living. Open up three sophisticated glass accordion doors to double the home’s square footage. Seamlessly integrate the multi-level courtyard with the living room and kitchen great room. Enjoy a comfortable seating area, convertible dining and ping pong table, hot tub, private outdoor shower, and easy access to the garage.

Subtle Elegance. Your new beach home features a great room with a gorgeous stone fireplace, a vaulted ceiling with exposed wood, stunning textured hardwood floors constructed with reclaimed boards, and a curved bank of window filled with a view of the sea and dune, and built-in shelving. The kitchen includes fancy appliances (for example, a Viking range), a wine rack, a large central island, and Ceasarstone kitchen countertops. The bedrooms all have vaulted ceilings and white laminate glass sliding closet doors. The master bedroom is framed by windows looking out to the water. One bathroom has a gorgeous atrium shower. The master bathroom has side-by-side sinks. Both have gorgeous custom tiling. Four different skylights pour a golden glow into different areas of the house.

For Connoisseurs of Sleep, Cat Nappers, Book Lovers, and Dreamers. If you understand the subtle levels of awareness, choose a different sweet spot depending on your mood. Chill in a hammock, comfy chairs surrounding a firepit, big round lounge chairs shielded by the bluff, bench space on the back deck, seating in the inner courtyard, vintage reclaimed wood chairs on the sand dune, and many spots to throw a blanket in the sand. Step outside of time. Breathe the pure air. Drift off into another world. Find your own beach rhythm. Linger between two worlds—awake and sleep. Find yourself relaxing inside the curve of a footprint in the sand.

A Paradise for Barefoot Kids. Soft sand, happy toes. Boogie boards. Wetsuits. Volleyballs. Dogs barking. Frisbees. Adventures and forts. Sandcastles and barbecues. Hear their squeals and laughter. They will play hard, then sleep peacefully. This house was crafted with fun in mind.

Leave Nothing Undone. Work has paid off—now enjoy yourself. Embark on sea and land adventures. Grab a surfboard from the racks in your garage. Paddle board. Kite surf. Windsurf. Kayak. Hike the thousands of miles of trails in the hills. Discover secret waterfalls. Mountain bike like a madman or madwoman. Fill yourself up.

The Lagoon. Today you might take a short walk to the Bolinas Lagoon. You might watch for over 60 species of waterbirds and shorebirds and 90 species of landbirds who call this special habitat home. Maybe you will push off in your kayak and find a Blue Heron poised motionless in the shallow waters. Maybe you’ll catch site of a Great Egret, an Opsrey, or a Pelican. Maybe you will see the harbor seals lazing on the sandbars that appear at low tide.

You have arrived. Begin the coast life now at 13 Walla Vista in Stinson Beach, California. Transform into a life of relaxation. Enter the rhythms of nature. Get to know the hearts of your children. Set aside a bedroom for guests—share this victory lap with your friends and extended family. On your own sand dune, while watching the sun sink into the ocean at dusk, enjoy a glass of Andromeda, a locally bottled Pinot Noir. Sip in the healing, ionized ocean air.

Your new home is a sculpted masterpiece in an ideal location. This is your legacy. Live out your beach destiny.


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