Lia and Scott

Property in Marshall, CA

Selling a house is never easy, particularly one that you designed and built. But working with Cristina was satisfying and rewarding as she skillfully navigated us through the difficult process. She is a unique, talented person with a wonderful eye. She was very astute in her observations of the current market conditions. Cristina helped set the stage with beautiful flowers and selected a very appropriate photographer to present our house. She had a vision of how to best present our home and, in the end, we were grateful for having her as an integral part of the journey.

Michael Scriven

Property in West Marin, CA

I was quite pleased in the detailed and thoughtful care Ms. Cristina di Grazia took when substituting for our realtor of record, Robert Craig, while he was on an extended vacation out of the country.

Ms. Di Grazia stepped in right before Mr. Craig’s departure and assisted with the final pricing, staging and promotion of my 5,000 square foot home on the Inverness Ridge in West Marin. Based on her acute sensitivities, she quickly identified several last minute upgrades that were needed to show the property well (new carpet, additional pest work, painting, etc.). She also helped with the final staging (of) the property and began showing the property. I received a full price cash offer within days of listing this most unique property — and at a price never before seen in the area.

Ms. Di Grazia handled every detail and potential complication with forethought and great care; she was a delight to work with and I would happily work with her again.

Dean Hanley

Property in Stinson Beach, CA

Over the last 10 years, Cristina has represented us in the purchase of two Stinson Beach homes and the sell of one of those homes. She is a jewel. We trust Cristina’s judgement and advice implicitly. Her knowledge of the area is unsurpassed. She made the process easy and enjoyable and saved us immeasurable time and money for her deep knowledge of the area, people and issues specific to our needs. We could not have hoped for better representation in these transactions.


Property in Bolinas, CA

Cristina will walk a naive novice or the professional real estate investor through the process of listing, staging, showing, negotiating and closing the sale with great advice and comforting comments. She does what she promises by the time promised. A rare and wonderful partner in the process of selling or buying. She sold our house for a price that pleased us and meet our needs.

Lauren and Brad

Property in Bolinas, CA

My husband and I have bought and sold many homes in many markets, so we have had experience with a lot of brokers.  Cristina was the most professional and sensitive broker with whom we have ever worked.  She came in and was very clear about what we should do to get our home in shape for going to market at the price we were hoping to get.  She brought in an amazing photographer and created a gorgeous video to bring our home to the market.  She was very sensitive to where the market was and when and how we should position our home in terms of timing and price.  She played it perfectly, and we had a full-priced offer within a couple weeks of listing.  She also counseled us on how to respond to the offer to insure we were getting the most we could, while respecting our buyer.

I would use Cristina again without hesitation.

Julia Violich

Property in Kentfield, CA

Throughout my adult years, I have had the experience of purchasing a few different houses. As my family began to grow, I recently found the need and desire to purchase a larger home. I spoke to a variety of different realtors that showed me a variety of homes. When we first met with Cristina di Grazia, she explained that her job is more service than sales. She proved that time and again with her thorough knowledge of the local market and home construction. Every time we viewed a new property Cristina would perform a methodical inspection, looking for signs of problems and commenting on the quality of construction, finish, appliances, etc. 

Throughout the several months of house hunting, Cristina was there every step of the way. She always answered every call or email no matter what time of day or night it was. Her professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. We never felt that she was just trying to sell us a house, but that she was a mentor to answer my questions and help us to make the best decision for our family.

Cristina led us through multiple rounds of negotiation to get to a price we were comfortable with. When making such a large decision, I wanted to work with someone that I could trust. Cristina is that person.

Dawn Damas Harris

Property in San Rafael, CA

Being lucky in choosing the real estate agent who is best for you is as good as it gets when trying to sell property. I cannot imagine an agent taking on a more difficult job, than the job Cristina took on when representing my family in an Estate Sale.  Five siblings to deal with! No one in their right mind would even consider it and yet Cristina did. All five of us agree that she was the best thing that ever came out of our inheritance.

Cristina found a way to be able to effectively, respectfully, compassionately and patiently deal with each and everyone of the us — none of whom could ever seem to all agree on any point at any particular time.  Truthfully, anyone else would have thrown their hands in the air and saved themselves the ulcer.  Cristina never lost her cool and professional manner, no matter how difficult her dealings.

My siblings and I would like to thank Cristina for all that she did to give us the most we ever could have hoped for, in every way, in the sale of something that had been in our family for generations.  We thank her for her kind and patient way of dealing with the stress that each of us showed at different times in different ways.  But more than anything, Cristina was so thorough: never making mistakes, always explaining what was going on, the pros and cons to everything… And in the end, when it was time for each of us to sign what needed to be signed and do what needed to be done, Cristina even made that as simple and as easy as possible.  She was even making arrangements to have someone drive all the way out to Stinson Beach so that I would not have to go “over that hill” to sign a document.  (I drove to the office anyway, and it was quite an easy and pleasant experience.)

All in all, Cristina was the agent from heaven.  No one else could have dealt with siblings and produced the outcome as peacefully, smoothly, and as thoroughly as Cristina. My family is indebted to her for the fact that we all came out of this unscathed, happy with the outcome, and still a loving family.

Thank you Cristina for not only being a superlative agent, but a kind, thoughtful and caring person.

Pat and Bill Belardi

Property in Stinson Beach, CA

Cristina di Grazia did a great job getting our vacation property sold. She prepped the property with a clear vision of what would appeal to interested buyers. She kept in touch with potential buyers through their agents and facilitated a small bidding war which resulted in a sale above listing and concluded the entire process in four months start to finish. A very timely sale considering we were selling a vacation house well ahead of the season.

Cristina is personable and focused — a great communicator who understands the business of selling a house. Never once did we wonder what was happening. She was always there keeping in touch with both of us, letting us know what she was doing including what was happening in the real estate market and the current position of each prospective buyer.

My husband and I would recommend Christina without reservation to prospective buyers or sellers. She will get the job done for you.

Michelle & Alan

Property in West Marin, CA

If you’re looking for a property in West Marin, you need to contact Cristina! West Marin is beautiful and a wonderful place to own a home, but you need Cristina’s “local” insight and knowledge to help you discover your dream property.  Cristina educated us about the nuances of each property, and saved us a lot of time by knowing what we were looking for and steering us in that direction. We found our perfect beach house in Bolinas, and we credit her for that!  She is a consummate pro — always available when you need her and excellent at closing deals. We highly recommend her.

Rick and Lesley

Property in Stinson Beach, CA

We have known Cristina for over 15 years and have engaged with her socially and professionally over that time. In every single interaction we have had with Cristina, her extremely consistent character has always been present — a noteworthy mix of elegance, kindness, intelligence and sensitivity. As owners since 2000, selling our very first home was a big deal to us. It was emotional and, at the same time, an important financial decision to be taken seriously from a business standpoint. Cristina made us extremely comfortable with her extensive knowledge of the West Marin County market and her understanding of the the type of buyers who would be interested in the specific location and style of our home. As a resident of Stinson Beach and Bolinas for decades, she is particularly well versed in understanding the numerous micro-markets in the region. We had numerous conversations about how to market our home and it was fun to thoughtfully work together on that creative front. Cristina personally made significant financial investments to create high-end effective marketing materials as our selling agent. And when our home took longer to sell than we had anticipated, Cristina revised and refined the presentation of our home to better communicate some of the home’s very special qualities, which potential buyers seemed to be missing. Cristina personally sat, stood, talked and waited at every single open house and she met every single buyers agent (with or without their clients) to be present and available for questions as they walked thru our home…no lock box was ever attached to our door. Cristina was always there and this gave us great comfort. In the end, our perfect buyer arrived and Cristina confidently carried the sale thru to completion, with no hiccups, issues or surprises. As we look back on our experience, we are so grateful that Cristina was available and willing to work with us on the sale of our home. Cristina’s kindness and professionalism never once wavered in our process, regardless of the personal stresses which we occasionally brought to the table!  We are deeply grateful and cannot thank Cristina enough for all that she has done for us.

Sean Mullens

Flying House Films

In my time working with Cristina di Grazia, her creative and strategic approach to representing world class properties for discerning clientele is both inspiring and impressive. Her intimate knowledge of West Marin’s dramatic coastline, charming towns and grounded lifestyle is second to none. As a buyer or seller she has my earned confidence.

The Coast Life

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