129 Seadrift Road

Stinson Beach (Seadrift), California

$2,037,750 SOLD



Grab your keys. Power up your Prius. Glide across the Golden Gate Bridge. Pass through the 182,000 acres of national and state parkland that will always stand, will never be developed.

In just 40 minutes, you will be safely home in the exclusive, yet low key Seadrift gated community at Stinson Beach.

Ah, breathe in, breathe out. You’re free.

The Hills. Above your beach house are the electric green-yellow hills. The sun will rise through and above 2,000 year old old growth redwoods lining the ridge tomorrow morning. Your bedroom and living room will be bathed with golden light. From the native Coastal Miwoks to famed Beat poet Gary Snyder, those who know know this is a special place. A magical world. Maybe tomorrow afternoon you will hike through the rain forest—climb rope ladders and discover secret springs under ancient redwood giants.

The Lagoon. Today you might dip your toes in the lagoon that laps against your own private dock. You might watch for over 60 species of waterbirds and shorebirds and 90 species of landbirds who call this special habitat home. Maybe you will push off in your kayak and find a Blue Heron poised motionless in the shallow waters. Maybe you’ll catch site of a Great Egret, an Opsrey, or a Pelican. At the main lagoon, you can observe harbor seals and a huge variety of other mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

The Home. And what about your new home? It’s a lovely first or second house. The exterior consists of gorgeous, richly textured exposed redwood. There’s a big fenced-in front yard, a two-car garage, a front atrium deck, a back deck with incredible views of those beautiful hills, and a dock on the lagoon. Inside, you’ll find a place designed for family—for both social interaction and privacy. There’s great light beaming in from many angles, including through multiple skylights. There’s a central sunken living room before a fireplace hearth. This great room opens onto a large dining space and ample kitchen.

The Potential. The house has a very solid structure and you, as the new owner, could use it as a blank slate on which you could paint your own aesthetic dreams.

The Beach. When you’re ready (right away!), head to the beach. The house is close to the Seadrift community gate which means you’re a short walk away from beach access. Stinson Beach stretches in a gentle curve for miles in either direction. The sand is soft and white. The weekends can be busy and fun—although the crowds rarely stretch as far as the Seadrift beach access point. Pick up sand dollars and sea glass in the mornings, throw a Frisbee for your dog, play beach volleyball, surf, or contemplate eternity. Stinson Beach is a world class California classic.

You have arrived. Begin your coastal lifestyle now at 129 Seadrift Road in Stinson Beach, California. Transform into a life of relaxation. Enter the rhythms of nature. Share with your friends and family—set aside a bedroom for guests. On your back deck, enjoy a bottle of Andromeda—a locally bottled Pinot Noir. Sip in the healing, ionized ocean air during a lazy afternoon, weekend, or… life.

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