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Stinson Beach

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This Stinson #beachhouse is everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Slip away to the unparalleled wild beauty of West Marin to your perfectly appointed beach home. This is a plug and play beach escape steps from the ocean and safely nestled into a quiet community cul-de-sac.

Sunbathed in light, this considered home has been meticulously furnished to blend with it’s gorgeous environment across a multi-level bedroom, living space and garage.

Newly built in 2011 with the highest end and environmentally conscious materials, 1.65kw solar array provides almost all your energy needs and a silent, high efficiency radiant heating system keeps your home green and warm below the handsome Italian Travertine floors.

The windows and doors are Kolby and Kolby, the cabinets are by Spix Sausalito and the skylights by Lindall Cedar Homes.

Warm light and stunning views all around in this beautiful refuge, nestled in-between the lagoon and the ocean with lush mountains looking over you.

Other Specifications

  • 669 Sq Ft home with a 176 Sq Ft garage on a 2,250 Sq Ft lot.
  • 1 bedroom with 1.5 baths.
  • Built in 2011 with steel beam and modern construction.
  • High efficiency radiant floor heating system.
  • 1.65KW solar array on the roof which provides more than 90% of average electric power demand for the building.
  • The home is in an “X” zone as prescribed by FEMA – a rating that calculates the flood probability at 500 years. Areas to the south on the patios and calles along the beach are AO flood zones or 100 years.
  • Power amperage for solar charging electric cars.
  • Computer monitored septic system which processes waste water to a level that is free from bacteria rendering it completely harmless to ground water.
  • Engineered septic system and fresh water back-flow prevention valves that exclude flood waters from invading septic and water supplies and causing damage to septic systems.


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