46 Crescente Avenue

Bolinas, California

$2,300,000 SOLD


For those with the resources and the desire to add a piece of nature’s magic to their lives, come hear the coo of quails at daybreak, the sea lion calls at sunset, and the rolling crescendo of breaking waves who applaud themselves as they retreat momentarily into the night. Stunning and incredible ocean views from every room. A visually tantalizing Zen floorplan. A lush, secret garden.

Perched on the exclusive Little Mesa (or Bolinas Highlands), stands a fantastical castle. Hidden, hovering above on a knoll in the smack middle of town—with ocean and beach on one side, lagoon on another, and village on two sides below. The only way onto these unique headlands is a hidden one way street disguised as an alley curling up and around the mesa. There are about 40 homes in this secret-community-within-a-secret-village all encased in a vortex virtually undiscoverable by the outside world. Only 5 homes have been sold in this area in the last 10 years! Families have held these properties for 3 or 4 generations. Once established, you too will want to preserve it for your family, your legacy.

Turn off your computer, unplug. Tap into something greater. Raise your banner. Stand atop your own turret and survey the electric green hills of West Marin toward the East and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean westward—it will bring you a new fog-enshrouded or sun-enshrined poem every day and a rock anthem every night.

Picking a room isn’t easy: all 3 bedrooms have window-after-window of oceans views. The master includes a balcony and access to the rooftop deck. The house logs in at approximately 1891 square feet plus to bonus rooms. There are 2 full bathrooms.

Land at the best location in Bolinas (really, in all of West Marin…shucks, maybe in all the multiverse) and you’re only 50 minutes by car to San Francisco. “Bo” is a refuge. A calling. It is a message only meant for the right people, at the right time.

Are you the one to heed this call to adventure?


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