49 Terrace Avenue

Bolinas, California

$4,025,000 SOLD

Timeless California Oceanfront


Sold 6/16/2020

One of only a dusting of properties in Bolinas with private beach access, 49 Terrace is glorious and humble.

This surf home is in a gorgeous setting and has a relaxed, down to earth and charming feel. The property has massive views from every window facing the ocean. The sun will rise through and above the commanding Monterey Cypress trees and sets over Duxbury Reef where you can watch the tides change all day long, a paradise for barefoot kids.

Be breathless, decompress, ease through the home which also offers a detached master suite for guests and separate downstairs apartment living. The authentic features of the house remain though having had a recent makeover. This property has innate goodness.

The microcosm of the property is the living room yet each room has its own classic vintage elements and intimacy. A compound above the sea connecting nature and the ocean, there’s no avoiding a full living feeling.


  • Private oceanfront property above Brighton Beach
  • 3 separate quarters totaling approx. 2,386 sq ft
  • 4 bedroom, 3 full bathrooms
  • Lot size approx. 19,584 sq ft
  • 2-car garage approx. 506 sq ft
  • Functional dumbwaiter
  • Exclusive beach access
  • Native landscaping with secluded decks & sculpture gardens
  • Solar
  • Hot tub

Celebration of Materials

  • In keeping with the character of the home’s integrity remains blends of different wood species as old growth Redwood, Knotty Pine, Bead board panel and Douglas Fir floors
  • Restored vintage window casings with multiple window benches
  • Contemporary Master Suite with flush sheetrock
  • Painted vertical boards in first floor bedroom giving a textured appeal
  • Shingled cladding with copper gutters
  • Custom front door made with Mahogany from South America
  • Rumford stone fireplace
  • Custom cabinetry in lower floor apartment

Choreography of Views

  • Dramatic ocean views the moment you step onto the property
  • Listen and watch while nestled within a hillside, the ocean’s rhythm and changing of the tides
  • Sunrise and moonrise to the East over Mt. Tamalpais, San Francisco skyline
  • Sunset and moonset to the West
  • Unexpected glimpses of the Majestic Monterey Cypress Trees create a treehouse surrounding

Understanding Tradition

  • Built in 1935, the architectural style of this house takes cues from that era
  • Embrace the past and how spaces were once devoted to distinct activities


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