65 Brighton Avenue


A Poetry of Spaces


3 BEDROOM • 4 BATHS • 2,299 SQ. FT. HOUSE • 15,569 SQ. FT. LOT

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On a rare double lot nestled among lush native foliage, only 100 feet from Brighton Beach rests this enchanting property.

Back in 1909 Captain Petar built much of this residence from coastal Redwood for his family. Over the years the compound structures have been restored with modern amenities while retaining its hand-hewn character. A beautiful mix of style and era it resonates a genuine poetic character — the main house, additional cottages and a tiered patio crafted by a master stone mason, offer a lifestyle all in itself. An ideal setting for entertaining family and friends, or a quiet intimate retreat, 65 Brighton is only a short saunter to the beach and downtown. No car required.

A Stroll Along the Grounds

The gate opens to a private paved driveway lined with native gardens that twist around the multiple structures and pathways. Elaborate multi-tier stone patios, reminiscent of Jasper Johns’ flagstones, provide an alluring outdoor space that is ready for all day entertaining, barbecuing, an outside fire or simply relaxing in the sun. The property also has three private outdoor showers that allow for washing the salt and sand away before entering the home.

A Peek Inside

The main house interior spaces flow seamlessly and connect with illuminating light and welcoming energy, to make for a romantic and playful setting. The gorgeous, exposed-beam, peaked ceiling over the dining room opens the space graciously, while the living room, with its stone fireplace, and bedrooms feel appropriately more intimate and cozy. The living room features built in shelving with gorgeous exposed wood that is classy yet rustic. The kitchen has ample room and is appointed with modern appliances. The bathroom is charming with its free-standing tub, surrounded by original bead board. The home makes compositional sense, and is dramatic and yet genuine as that of a Tom Killian woodcut painting.

Outside the Main House Sit Two Adorable Cottages and a Garage/Carport

The two cottages are quiet retreats for guests, providing a sense of calm and privacy. As simple as the hardwood floors, generous natural light, and one with a high vaulted ceiling, each cottage has its own unique ambiance. Whether reading a favorite novel, sitting by the wood burning stove, having tea or sipping a Macallan scotch, both spaces feel protected beneath the large Redwood trees close to the Pacific Ocean.

Adjacent to the garage is an open carport with the main room appointed as the perfect “chill room”, workshop and lounge, with wide doors that open and let the space drown itself in light and air.

If you take even a single step onto the grounds at 65 Brighton Avenue you will instantly inhale its magic. Just down from the Pacific Ocean, you can totally retreat from the outside world, dig into your hobby, create memories with your family, dance along to your favorite vinyl, share the most delicious meals with friends where they can all spend the night… where else would you rather be? This is a special place … a place to call home.

About Louis Petar

Louis Petar, a dynamic character in Bolinas history, built the house at 65 Brighton in Bolinas. Louis and his brother Joseph grew up on their family dairy ranch in Bolinas in the late 1800s. Together the brothers owned the Bolinas mercantile (run by Joesph) and the legendary power schooner The Owl, run by Louis. The Owl was the last boat of 80 years of Bolinas maritime traffic to regularly serve between Bolinas and San Francisco, carrying goods to market, supplies and people from 1911 to 1933. Captain Louis Petar took supplies to the Farallon Islands and the Point Reyes Light House as well. Louis was also an important builder in Bolinas, constructing many homes and buildings including the two handsome houses across from Bolinas park and community center (1890 and c.1870), the Bolinas Market – rebuilt after the 1906 earthquake and many homes on Brighton Avenue. For his own family he built the big two-story house at the corner of Altura and Brighton Avenues. He also built and owned 65 Brighton which is shingled (along with other local houses) due to a nearby shipwreck that was carrying a load of shingles. Louis’s daughter Violet married Bill Miller of an important pioneer family of Marin and raised their children in Bolinas. Miller’s daughter Marji deGreeve played an important role in the development of the young Bolinas Museum and their daughter Marilyn Pinnow has contributed to the museum’s historic and art collection.

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