Stinson Beach

11 Marine Way

215 Belvedere Avenue

176 Seadrift

Experience Stinson Beach coastal living and inhale the deepest breath of the freshest air.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the majestic coastal homes that span the peaceful oceanfront community of Stinson Beach, California, you aren’t alone. Shhh…it’ll be our secret.

While just a half hour drive from the vivid expanse of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bustle of the Bay Area, Stinson Beach remains one of California’s most special unrecognized gems. The luxurious and one of a kind beach homes that line its shores share one of the cleanest beaches in all of California.

Culture, dining, entertainment and nature are always await near by. With easy access to San Francisco as well as the hiking trails of Mt. Tamalpais the residents of Stinson Beach enjoy the best of both worlds.

Real estate expert and Stinson Beach resident, Cristina di Grazia is the perfect agent for anyone looking to buy or sell a coastal home in this picturesque Northern California paradise. Whether your dream beach house is sleek and modern, rustic and secluded or anything in between Cristina will match you with your perfect home.

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